Breeze of Youth. The offices of an international cosmetics company

Warsaw, 1200 m.sq

Entering the building, guests are greeted by a lobby framed with white marble and American walnut. The reception desk is low, designed not to create a barrier. We aimed to give this space a welcoming feel also through the use of various types of curves (from stucco decoration on walls and columns to furniture shapes and brass circles in the floor tiles), mood lighting, and the introduction of a vertical garden.

At the top of the grand staircase are the executive offices. From a small hallway with walnut paneling, one enters the secretariat. In addition to modern desks, there is a couch from the Polish company Optisofa. The interior’s modern yet cozy, secluded atmosphere is also shaped by the herringbone parquet flooring and the flocked fabric on the wall, resembling suede.

The moody CEO’s office, on the other hand, is a deeply personal space. Our task here was to create a coherent composition from the host’s favorite design themes—quotes from his previous and current offices, apartments, homes, also our design. We strived to harmoniously combine numerous inspirations and reconcile them with functional and representational requirements.

A corridor with glass walls, displaying sculptures, photographs, and graphics, leads to the rooms for other employees. This part of the office is distinguished by a lighter color palette, designed to be friendly and conducive to concentration. The area is quieted by a soft floor with a woven pattern. In two conference rooms adjacent to the open spaces, flocked fabric also appears on the wall behind the TV screen. These interiors are highlighted by extensive illuminated display cabinets showcasing the company’s products.