High above Wola. Two-story apartment with a view of Warsaw.

Warsaw, 100 m²

The investor, although a young woman associated with show business, appreciates interiors that are subdued and maintained in darker colors, more associated with a masculine taste. That’s why her two-story apartment features furniture and paneling made of American walnut and countertops from brown quartzite, among other elements. The interior exudes a youthful sense of freedom with items like the sofa (Saba Italia), coffee table (Poliform), a console supported by a stone wheel, and a bookshelf covered with patterned veneer designed by Ettore Sottsass. Stairs play a particular role in the interior composition. Unconventional design solutions are focused around them, from a TV screen enclosure to a large mirror that creates the illusion that the steps symmetrically ascend to the left and right from a resting place (the owner’s own idea). One of the distinctive rooms in the apartment is a small toilet, featuring a dialogue between patterned red-and-white marble and light brown walnut. Practical function and intriguing form come together here, including a ceiling-mounted sink faucet.