International circle. Apartment in a historic tenement house

Warsaw, 220 sqm

Foksal Street – one of the most prestigious addresses in late 19th-century Warsaw – takes its name from the elegant Zamoyski Palace, which in turn is named after one of the districts in London. The international references are also reflected in the design of the meticulously restored 220-square-meter apartment in a historic tenement house. It is now inhabited by an art-loving couple seeking luxury. At their request, we brought masterpieces of design from different parts of the world to the banks of the Vistula River. Among them is a sofa from the Italian brand Baxter, coffee tables designed by German designer Sebastian Harkner, and a Gio Ponti rug from an Italian manufacturer, Amini. The lighting plays an incredibly important role. Above the table with a backlit onyx top hangs a Hungarian chandelier by Intueri. In the living room, a radiant sculpture takes its place, while a spectacular lamp from the Venetian workshop of Fortuny adorns the bathroom. This is a historical design dating back over a century! The transparent bathtub designed by Antonio Lupi invites you to admire the true mastery of Sicis mosaics from two perspectives – up close and in the mirror framed by green marble that we have placed.