At the center of elegance. Apartment in Śródmieście

Warsaw, 160 sqm

A luxury apartment building on Grzybowska Street in Warsaw, housing a residence with a spectacular view of the Saski Garden. To fully meet the needs of the new owner, a renovation was necessary despite the property already possessing great qualities. The investor wished for a bright and timeless elegance with a touch of modernity and occasional glimpses of glamorous style. Being a fashion enthusiast, impeccable design was also essential, featuring products from reputable and renowned international brands. Many of the furniture pieces came from Italy, primarily from the showrooms of Cattelan Italia. These include a bookshelf, coffee table, and dining table. Gubbi chairs are positioned around the dining table. Large-format tiles in the hallway, bathroom, and kitchen were executed by Marazzi. Above the kitchen island, an Occhio lamp hangs. However, there are also unique elements, such as a custom-designed bed that stands in the owner’s bedroom against a plush carpet, created according to our individual project.