Modern Orient. Historic villa in Germany

Herford, Germany, 350 sqm

The residence in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, is an incredibly intriguing property in itself. Its architect combined elements of early modernism and early 20th-century German national style with Asian influences, which can be seen, for example, in the imaginative roof shapes. This magnificent building captivated a couple from Poland. After thorough restoration, it was intended to become their home as well as a place of work. From the impressive ground-floor foyer, one can now enter the psychotherapeutic clinic run by the investor, while the grand staircase leads to the couple’s apartment. The ground floor houses two offices, with the larger one connected to the waiting room by sliding doors. Upstairs, the attention is drawn to the living room with a historic fireplace and a harp, played by the lady of the house. We decided to emphasize the oriental associations evoked by the villa’s historical architecture in one of the bathrooms, using a garden motif on ceramic tiles. Shapes of characteristic lanterns, crafted by the Venetian workshop of Fortuny for over a hundred years, were also inspired by the cultures of Asian countries.