Aesthetic Studio. Premium Class Apartment

Warsaw, 65 sqm

The apartment for a single person in the modern and prestigious Marina Mokot√≥w development resembles a design gallery. The secret lies in carefully concealing not only the storage area, according to the investor’s wish. The Samsung The Frame TV seemingly disappears, replacing TV shows and news with selected paintings or graphics on the screen. The kitchen is also hidden – high fronts covered with black veneer completely mask its function when closed. Attention is therefore directed towards the details, which we selected with great care. Among the owner’s favorite objects is a lamp from Petite Friture with a draped metal mesh, a dining table from Escala, and a coffee table from Salak Studio. We also managed to capture the investor’s refined taste in the bedroom design – with modernist lamps that introduce yellow and red accents against a blue wall background. Even the most pragmatic individuals sometimes have the desire for a bit of luxury. We understand that completely!