Strong tone. An apartment with a color accent

Warsaw, 140 sqm

The 140-square-meter apartment was intended for a single person – a music, cinema, and design enthusiast, but also someone who enjoys hosting grand parties. However, it eventually turned into an apartment for a couple. According to the owner, it works perfectly in this role as well. The secret here is undoubtedly the clear functional division. The daytime area consists of a living room connected to the dining room and kitchenette. We created a comfortable kitchen with the idea of cooking together with friends. One of its walls is adorned with a spectacular Luisiana mosaic, designed by Alessandro Mendini for the Bisazza brand. Despite the initial doubts of the investor, it is now one of their favorite decorative elements, and guests eagerly take photos against its backdrop during parties. In the living room, we made a small designer jest. It involves the Karman lamps in the niches of an extensive bookcase, which enlivens the structure of the extensive built-in furniture. The night area takes the form of a master zone – the main bedroom is connected to a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. The apartment owners, who often have guests, are provided with the expected level of privacy.


Zdjęcia: Katarzyna Ładczuk – Ład Studio

Project vs. realisation

Before After
Before After
Before After


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