New Look. Beauty Salon Transformation

Piaseczno, 180 sqm

Here, both the result and time mattered. We were tasked with designing a new look for a popular beauty salon with the goal of ensuring an express execution. At the same time, the investor’s intention was a thorough transformation of the salon. Despite small windows and the owners’ decision to keep the brown and sea-green mosaic on the walls, the dark interiors were meant to become bright. Therefore, we proposed replacing the worn-out flooring with a new one in a delicate beige shade. Natural oak-toned cabinetry was introduced next to the illuminated mirrors at the hairdressing stations. Their countertops were made of a composite material imitating green marble. It is an elegant material that is durable and easy to maintain in hygienic cleanliness. In accordance with the owners’ wishes, the three separate beauty rooms obtained a slightly cooler, professional appearance. To balance the minimalism of the white cabinetry, we introduced wallpapers from the Polish company Wonderwall Studio on the walls. Their stylized leaves will gradually be accompanied by more and more live plants.


Zdjęcia: Ład Studio

Project vs. realisation

Before After
Before After
Before After