Clear concept. Elegant apartment in Sadyba

Warsaw, 110 sqm

The 110-square-meter apartment in a new building in the Mokot√≥w district of Warsaw is another joint investment of a couple of investors. The experiences they have gathered over the years have helped them clearly define their expectations. At the same time, we were given a lot of freedom – our proposed design was accepted without any comments. We responded with full commitment to the high level of trust. Knowing the owners’ taste, we proposed solutions that exude elegance. Among them are large surfaces of light wood, splashes in the aesthetics of white marble in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as numerous mirrors. In addition to the classic silver mirrors, tinted mirrors were also introduced (on the bedroom wall), as well as blown from steel. These are, of course, works by the Zieta Studio. The Escala company’s cabinet, covered with liquid metal, also has a lot of radiance. According to our individual design, a bed with an upholstered headboard was created, as well as a bookshelf in the living room that accommodates the owners’ favorite items. We also had the pleasure of selecting paintings for the presented apartment.