Eclectic Balance. Couple’s Apartment

Warsaw, 150 sqm

The greatest challenge of designing a 150-square-meter apartment in Mokotów was reconciling the contrasting tastes of two investors. It was a difficult task but not an uncommon one. In this case, after lengthy discussions, we settled on the noble simplicity of timeless forms, enriched with accents of a more sophisticated elegance—subtle in the living space and dominant in the master area. We aimed to incorporate echoes of mid-20th-century modernism into the project, harmonizing them with the district’s architectural style. However, instead of opting for antiques, we suggested selecting pieces from the world’s most esteemed contemporary furniture manufacturers. Lamps from Moooi and Lee Broom, as well as avant-garde fixtures from the Gessi brand inspired by silvery water droplets, act as jewelry for the interiors.


Zdjęcia: Katarzyna Ładczuk – Ład Studio

Project vs. realisation

Before After
Before After
Before After


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