Among flowers. Beauty salon in Wola

Unique Clinique
Warsaw, 220 sqm

This place, targeting women with its offer, obtained a very feminine character with a significant role of pink, as requested by the investor. The starting point in the design was the scaled paper flowers made specifically for this place by the talented artist Ewa Defitowska. We complemented them with wallpaper featuring a unique pattern, now visible on the ceilings. Many of the delicacies of flowers are also present in the softly rounded forms of armchairs, lamps, and accessories. In this way, we tried not only to blur the geometry of the rooms but also to introduce something from the atmosphere of a fairy tale into the salon’s interior. Discreet shelves for essential cosmetics and accessories are a functional addition to the furnishings. To ensure easy maintenance of the salon, we chose visually delicate but practical and durable materials – terrazzo, porcelain stoneware, and stain-resistant fabrics.