Genius Loci. Attic Apartment

Warsaw, 70 sqm

The facade of a centuries-old tenement house in Warsaw’s Old Town carried great potential, albeit challenging to utilize. The former painting studio’s impressive space is intersected by multiple sloping ceilings. Moreover, the windows, mostly set in dormers, are positioned relatively low. However, the views stretching beyond them are enchanting! With the intention of creating a new chapter in the history of this place, we prepared seven different functional layout options. The investor chose the proposal that best suited their preferences. Adjustments to the apartment’s layout were necessary, but we also aimed to preserve as much as possible of the attic’s bohemian atmosphere. The previously neglected and damaged studio gained new life. Our goal was to create an unconventional apartment that artfully combines history, art, and modern design. Contemporary elements were carefully integrated into the historic structure. We wanted the references to various periods in the history of design to serve as reminders of the colorful past of these interiors. The original old fireplace stands as a witness to the place’s history.


Zdjęcia: Mateusz Kowalik


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