Upwards! Aerial Yoga Center in Wilanów

Warsaw, 180 sqm

Aerial yoga, also known as antigravity yoga or aerial fitness, is a special form of exercise. In addition to more typical asanas, it includes elements of acrobatics, dance, stretching, and fitness. Moreover, the classes take place in a unique environment – suspended hammocks attached to the ceiling, on which practitioners of this art often rise very high. We designed the equipment for the spacious room in Wilanów, Warsaw, for practicing aerial yoga. The building’s structure has a brutalist style. To harmonize the interiors with it, while adding more softness, we proposed the use of walnut wood cladding in the reception and changing rooms, furniture with leather and velvet upholstery, as well as abundant greenery. To evoke the feeling of floating in the hammocks, we incorporated large-scale retro illustrations with a hot air balloon motif into the design, prominently displayed on the walls of the main room.