Open horizon. Apartment in Wilanów

Warsaw, 150 sqm

Surrounded by a beautiful terrace, this 150-square-meter apartment is a wonderful living space for a couple. And because the owners are open to unconventional or even bold ideas, our interior design project could include several unique solutions. One of the most distinctive features is the wallpaper on the ceiling of the living room. Its intentionally oversized acanthus motif loosely references the heritage of William Morris. Another characteristic element of the project is the wall cladding separating the kitchen, with an alternating arrangement of wood grain. At the request of the homeowner, a restaurateur, a type of credenza was created in the dining area, which houses a bar and a coffee machine. The owners’ courage is also evident in the design of the bedroom. The interior is kept in a navy blue color and adorned with an abstract neon light designed specifically for this space.