Practical Dreams. Home for the Family

Magdalenka, 250 sqm

The 250-square-meter villa in Magdalenka near Warsaw is the fulfilled dream of the owners – a young couple with a toddler. When the investors decided to build their house, they followed an individual project that fulfilled all their needs. What were those needs? Above all, the interior had to be cozy and pleasant, but practical as well. They didn’t want to be slaves to their own home. On the contrary, they wanted to ensure that even the most lively children’s activities or constant walks with the dog between the living room and the garden wouldn’t cause concerns about the condition of the house. Nevertheless… they decided to have a very representative guest bathroom with two-color marble. They were also charmed by the lamps from the Czech company Bomma, hanging above the table, as well as the visible Roll&Hill fixtures in the bathroom. Even the most pragmatic individuals sometimes desire a bit of luxury. We fully understand that!