Like a rock. An office of a security industry company.

Warsaw, 1200 m²

The color palette of the project is based on ashy gray, both cool and warm. Upon entering the lobby, you are greeted by gray travertine on the floor and on the reception background wall. The reception desk itself, much like the paneling, is made from gray oak. The icons of 20th-century design, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chairs, adorn this space. Harmonizing in aesthetics and material are the lamps on long leather straps above the reception and by the stairs, where massive straps reach from the ground floor to the ceiling on the 2nd floor. The mentioned stairs undoubtedly play a central role here. We wanted their spiral form to exude high class. A white ribbon conceals a surprise from within – the return of the travertine and oak duo.

High-quality materials are also present in the other office spaces. The upper hall gains coziness and warmth through fabrics with thick weaves and decorative veneer (designed by Ettore Sottsass). We wanted to subtly enliven this space with forms reminiscent of the mid-century modern style, visible in elements such as the telephone booth and metal panels on the glass wall of the conference room. Next to them, comfort for work and privacy in conversations are ensured by electroactive film, which, on demand, transforms transparent glass into frosted glass. Related materials, warmer in color and feel, appear in the vice president’s office, where they create a setting for Poliform brand furniture. Here, we also aimed to take care of minimalist details, such as the marble border of the parquet floor smoothly transitioning into a decorative console.