Art of space enlargement. 65-square-meter apartment in Wola

Warsaw, 65 sqm

This size was an opportunity for creative exploration of space. As the owners themselves assure, we managed to transform it into a comfortable living space. The starting point was, of course, work on the functional layout, which would provide the residents with the necessary comfort for everyday functioning. However, the elegance of all the interiors was equally important. To achieve both of these goals, we decided to equip the kitchen in the living room with handle-less fronts. The rhythmic grooves and deep black color make this area not dominant in the overall image of the living space. Instead, it becomes a backdrop for a mini-dining area, snugly arranged around a specially raised kitchen island. The decoration of the living room is a Sahara Noir marble slab. Just like natural wood on the floors or furniture, we suggested this stone to the investors to elevate the class of the apartment. We also aimed to combine functionality and beauty in the bedroom. To create the illusion of a larger space, we composed it in shades of white. Smoky mirrors also contribute to the illusion of space. We also indulged in discreet elements of optical illusion in the cozy bathroom, based on a combination of black bronze and delicate ecru.